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Business Permits

The City of Willcox encourages all New or Temporary Business Ventures
and says Thank You to our Current City Businesses.

To make establishing a New Business or Renewing a Current Business License more convenient for our residents we have placed the requirements and forms below.
Council Resolution No. 2008-79 regarding Business Permits

Current City of Willcox Business Permit holders:
Willcox Business Permits - by Name

For information on filing for an AZ State Tax Identification Number
please visit or call 1-800-634-6494
Business Permit  Required I.D. Check List
 Business Permit Form

For additional information or questions relating to the above forms or requirements contact Crystal Hadfield at 520-766-4202

Forms may be sumbitted electronically to:

Forms may be mailed to:
City of Willcox
101 S Railroad Ave. Suite B
Willcox, Arizona 85643
Attention: Crystal Hadfield