City of Willcox ALERT system

Animal Shelter

animal_control The Willcox Animal Control facility is located at:
1525 East Stewart Street

This department is responsible for picking up stray or injured dogs, investigating cases of cruelty, handling adoptions of animals, and other functions concerning domestic animals.

If you would like additional information about adopting one of our animals Please call: 520-384-0163 or 520-254-1131

Know the Law
City Ordinances set out the appropriate rules associated with owning and caring for animals within the City of Willcox. A copy of these ordinances (Title 6) are available HERE.

Why Should I Spay or Neuter My Dog?
Spaying and neutering are common procedures that are extremely beneficial to dogs that will not breed. The dog health benefits of early spaying are both physical and behavioral. Female dogs are less likely to develop cancer and/or pyometra, and unwanted pregnancy is avoided. Male dogs are also less likely to develop cancer, and tend to be less aggressive when neutered. Males that haven't been neutered, on the other hand, are more likely to run away, in search of a female in heat. In general, animal welfare organizations and veterinarians agree that spaying and neutering pets is a responsible decision that will benefit both pets and owners. Pet health care professionals insist that problems can certainly be avoided with these simple procedures. With proper dog care, you will also avoid excessive animal care expenses. Maintaining your dog's health through spaying and neutering is a sure way to prevent unnecessary costs.

If you don't spay or neuter, here's an example of how easily the cat overpopulation problem happens.
First year: 12;
second year: 66;
third year: 382;
fourth year: 2201;
fifth year: 73,041;
sixth year: 420,715;
seventh year: 2,423,316;
eighth year: 13,968,290; and
ninth year: over 80 million cats.

Learn more about how you can make a difference in pet rescue by contacting the animal rescue shelter.

To view images of Lost/Found or Adoptable pets please click here.


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