City of Willcox ALERT system


The City of Willcox provides Natural Gas, drinking water and wastewater service to its residents. Additionally it contracts for solid waste (trash) removal service. Electricity is provided via a franchise agreement with the local electric cooperative (Sulphur Springs Valley Electric Cooperative - SSVEC). Telephone, television and broadband internet services are available from various vendors including the local Valley Telecom Group (VTC)

Domestic Water

The City maintains three wells and a large storage tank on 'W'-mountain to the north of the city limits. The water is continuously monitored for quality and then provided via a City maintained delivery system to all residences within the City limits (and four outside). The tank storage capacity is 1.5 million gallons which is sufficient for approximately one day of summer or three days of winter usage. The piping infrastructure to deliver the water to over 1,500 residences is some 44 miles in length. To prevent large scale contamination of the system that may be caused by sucking back water most commercial users are required to install " backflow " prevention systems. The City is engaged in an active program of replacing 10% of all gar meters per year to ensure accurate billing. Newer meters can be read electronically.

Natural Gas

Natural gas is purchased from multiple vendors and is delivered via a connection to the local El Paso Natural Gas pipeline. The infrastructure of underground pipes within the city is some 46 miles in length and is inspected annually via either an internal or external contractor audit. There are some 2090 connection points in the system (not all residences have their gas service active) and a capacity to supply 63 million cubic feet per hour to the city. The City is engaged in an active program of replacing 10% of all gas meters per year to ensure accurate billing. Newer meters can be read electronically.

Excess Flow Valve - natural gas. There has been a Federal Natural Gas Pipeline Safety Law passed (192.383, Office of Pipeline Safety) requiring you to be notified of the availability of an Excess Flow Valve to be installed on the service line from the Citys main to your gas meter. For details click HERE

Wastewater Treatment

The City maintains its own wastewater treatment plant on East Maley street and the treated water is used to irrigate the nearly golf course and excess is pumped into 'Cochise Lake' where it attracts birds. The waste is delivered to the treatment plant from all over the City using gravity feed supplemented by 'lift' stations. The current facility is not in compliance with treatment standards and a replacement facility is in the design process as of 2012.

Willcox Solid Waste Collection (Trash)

On December 20, 2010 Willcox adopted Ordinance No. NS303 to adopt Municipal Code Title 5, Chap. 6, §§5-6-1 to 5-6-28, Solid Waste. Effective July 1, 2011, new rates for solid waste (trash) collection went into effect, the first rate increase since 2006.

All residential and commercial accounts with water service are required to have trash service. The rate for residential customers is $23.49 per month, and collection will continue twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays. Refuse is to be placed in leak proof plastic bags that are tightly secured prior to being placed in the refuse container.

Willcox now offers an option for commercial customers to use a 96 gallon container (the same size as the residential containers) with two pickups per week at a cost of $24.72 per month. 1.5 yard and 3 yard containers will continue to be available, and rates vary by size of container and number of pickups. Please call City Hall for information and rates. Residential customers will continue to have services with Southwest Disposal; commercial customers have the option to contract with a City-licensed Hauler of their choice. Commercial services will continue through Waste Connections, Inc. doing business as Southwest Disposal (SW Disposal) unless the customer makes arrangements with another Hauler licensed in Willcox. If such arrangements are made, the customer will need to notify the City of the change and let us know which Hauler has been selected.

As of July 19th 2011 SW Disposal is the licensed Hauler. Additional Haulers have expressed an interest in serving Willcox and information will be added to the website as it becomes available. 

If you have a question about commercial rates or would like to make a change in your service, please call City Hall at 520-766-4207 or 520-766-4202, or e-mail us at